I am making a custom syntax partially based on Markdown. I want to display links differently from how they are stored in the file. For example, [About me](about.md) in the file should be displayed as About me in Vim. This is well-supported by Vim's conceal feature. However, I want [](about.md) in the file to be displayed as About me in Vim, where About me comes from the file being linked to (about.md). Contents of about.md:

title: About me
date: 2020-01-23

My name is...

I want the title field of about.md to be displayed instead of [](about.md). Any ideas on how I can do this in Vim?

  • I don't think this is possible. Remember that Vim is a text editor.
    – Ralf
    Jun 18 '20 at 17:53
  • Even if it were possible, it wouldn't be advisable to do it. If you are editing a file you need to see exactly what it contains, because the edits you make will be governed by what you see.
    – user985675
    Jun 18 '20 at 20:53

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