I'm looking for plugin which emulates marks behavior for longer key sequences. I want to be able to mark two distinct files with 3 char mappings and jump to files when sequence is typed. Do you know if it already exists or is part of some other plugin? I couldn't find anything and consider building it myself.

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    I don't know such a plugin but I think it would be great to know why you want to do such a plugin? Are you already aware of the difference between 'a and 'A? Do you need more than 26 global marks plus 26 buffer local marks? Also did you look at this plugin maybe it could be helpful. – statox Jun 18 at 7:06
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    Also, welcome to Vi and Vim! – D. Ben Knoble Jun 18 at 11:13
  • Yes I'm aware but problem is that its hard to remember 10 distinct mappings and where they lead to. Eg. I have 4 files: auth, assets, test_auth, test_assets. How to assign usual one key marks the way its easy to remember? – amonowy Jun 18 at 18:05

I couldn't find any plugin which emulates this behavior so I created one myself. If you are interested in such kind of behavior please check https://github.com/matmarczak/vim-longmarks.

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