I am trying to write a wrapper that will execute the function that the cursor is over and send its output to a log file. Here is what I have so far:

nnoremap <expr> GG ExecuteCurrentFunction()
func ExecuteCurrentFunction ()
    " get the current word under the cursor and execute if a function
    " redirecting output to a log file
    redir >> vim.log
    let name_of_function = expand("<cword>")
    let call_string = printf(':call %s()', name_of_function)
    echom call_string
    call execute(call_string)
    redir END

It works great, however it doesn't seem to be redirecting any of the echom statements in the called function. For example, if the function I execute is:

func NewFunction ()
    echom "Calling inner function"

It will only print the following to my log file:

:call NewFunction()

And it won't print Calling inner function. Why is this so, and how could I change this to effectively create a wrapper function as I'm trying to above?

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  1. execute() has silent modifier by default, so normal output doesn't appear on the screen. It must be invoked as execute(cmd, '') to allow "echoing".

  2. execute() is a sort of :redir by itself (essentially it captures the output into a variable and returns it to the caller), and you cannot do two redirections at a time. It should become clear from reading :h :redir and :h execute() until the end.

You can either directly save output of execute() with writefile(), or use :execute command instead.

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    – D. Ben Knoble
    Jun 13, 2020 at 12:50

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