I've tried setting localleader using:

:let localleader="]"

And it seems to be 'working':

:let localleader
localleader            ]

However, when I try and run a command using localleader, it doesn't seem to register, and is using the general leader. For example, after I do:

:autocmd FileType python nnoremap <localleader>c I#<esc>

Hitting ]c does nothing...but hitting \c (normal leader) actually works. What's wrong here? Perhpaps I'm misunderstanding the use of leader vs mapleader ?

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    Leader keys need to be set before any mapping that uses them. Is it your case? Commented Jun 11, 2020 at 21:12

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According to :h <LocalLeader>

<LocalLeader> is just like <Leader>, except that it uses "maplocalleader" instead of "mapleader".

So you need

let maplocalleader="]"

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