Say I have a string for the full path of a directory

let myPath = '/go/src/github.com/MyDomain/MyProject'

I would like to have an array like

['go', 'src', 'github.com', 'MyDomain', 'MyProject']

What is the best way of doing that ? I would prefer to make this platform agnostic. So if there is a split() function tailored for paths, I would prefer that.

Otherwise I think

let out = split(myPath, '/') 

Should do the trick ?

  • Be aware of the UNC pathes (\\server\share\path\to\file) on Windows.
    – Ralf
    Commented Jun 8, 2020 at 6:37

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I would use regular split function with regex covering 2 path separators.

Windows can use / or \, plus mix of both:

echo split('/go/src/github.com/MyDomain/MyProject', '[/\\]')
echo split('C:\go/src/github.com/MyDomain/MyProject', '[/\\]')

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