I mean the :filter command, not the external one. I want to filter the filtered results again, if not clear. The trivial try didn't work - :filter /abc/ filter /cbd/ %list


As documented in :help :filter:

Only some commands support filtering, try it out to check if it works.

And that is followed by a list of "some of the commands that support filtering", which includes :list and about a dozen of others.

Even if the documentation mentions that list might be comprehensive, I think it makes a point that not all and actually not many commands support :filter and since filtering a :filter can be done in a different way (for instance, a regex using \& to match two separate patterns) I would expect such a feature wasn't really considered.

For your particular match, you can use:

:filter /.*abc\&.*cbd/ %list
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    yeh. I knew about the option to do \&. :g supports recursive behavior. Also in this case, it could have been done otherwise. – eyal karni Jun 7 '20 at 20:23

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