At the end of a file I have these lines, line 19 is actually a beginning of a 4 line fold.

Now if I want to add a new line after the fold, i.e a new line number 24, I usually type 'A' and enter which takes me to the beginning of a new line. But this fails when I have a fold. What happens is vim opens the fold and I get directed to the end of the first line.

What should be done to begin a new line without opening the fold

Also is there any better way to open a few line at the end of the document, what I do is I type 'A' that takes me to the end of the line and then press 'Enter'.

Thank you for your time.

18 Palatable:
19 +--  4 lines: adj 1: acceptable to the taste------------------------

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Use the o command to add a new line below the current one. That will work with folds, and insert a line below the fold.

See :help o for more details on this command.

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    VSCode Vim user here. When I "o", the cursor opens the fold and inserts new line on the first inner-most line of the fold. Any idea how I could fix this?
    – ZenVentzi
    May 7, 2022 at 6:45

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