I often edit Python code that needs to be re-indented other otherwise manipulated through visual selection.

Is there any way to visually select all lines of the same indentation in Vim?

I know I could do V+<n>j to select the current line and the <n> lines below it. However, I don't want to count the lines beforehand.

Furthermore, I have experimented with V}, which seem to work, except it doesn't select all lines of there is space between them, and it doesn't select in both directions (up and down).


I think your best bet is to use a plugin like vim-indent-object it defines some new text objects to handle indentation levels:

enter image description here

Other alternatives are either:

  • Creating your own text objects manually as described here which is more or less reimplementing the plugin I mentioned before
  • Using a library like vim-textobj-user which helps you creating new text objects more easily, but which might be a bit overkill for what you want to do.

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