I have the following regex to stylize SQL keywords within a string (keywords shortened for readability):

autocmd Syntax * syn match pythonSql     /\v("|')\s*([A-Z]{3,}<.*)@=\zs(SELECT|FROM|WHERE)
                                          \ze(\s|\()\_.*\1/ containedin=.*String

This seems to work well for the first term, but is then skipping all the rest of the terms. That is, it is doing:

  • "SELECT * FROM table WHERE id=1", that is, marking up SELECT, but not FROM or WHERE

What I'm trying to have the regex do is (a bit of a crude way, but good enough for my purposes:

  • For text that starts with " or '...
  • And, ignoring spaces, the first word after is all-caps of length 3 or more followed by a space (such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, etc..)
  • Highlight all of the keywords up until the terminating string (ignoring string escapes).

How could this be improved to capture all the SQL keywords and not just the first one?

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For this particular case, use syntax keyword instead. If you use it with both contained and containedin=pythonString, that will restrict it to highlighting these keywords only within a Python string.

:syn keyword pythonSql SELECT FROM WHERE contained containedin=pythonString

Instead of using an explicit autocmd, I'd recommend executing this command from ~/.vim/after/syntax/python.vim, which will be automatically loaded after the main Python syntax file gets loaded.

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