I know how to create key mappings in normal mode using nmap and in insert mode using imap. However I do not know how to create mappings in replace mode. I would assume it's either rmap or Rmap, but both of these commands are invalid. Which command can I use to create mappings in replace mode in vim?


There has no rmap, replace mode map is created in imap with a mode test:

inoremap <expr> <a-k> mode() ==# 'R' ? 'replace' : 'insert'

:h mode() is transient, you must test it in :h map-expr.

Note it won't work for r.

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  • What is this command supposed to do? Sorry I do not know very much vimscript. – coder54321 May 22 at 1:58
  • @coder54321 It output replace or insert based on your current mode. The :h ... is valid ex command, you can execute it in vim to get help. – dedowsdi May 22 at 2:17

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