I'm trying to get the lines that have \begin{equation} and \end{equation} to be concealed. I've tried using call matchadd('Conceal','\\begin{equation\*}', 10,13,{'conceal':' '}) and it works, but it would be nice to change the highlighting of the region, that way the lines will display when the cursor is inside the block.

Then I tried adding concealends to the function TexNewMathZone, (lines 422 and 432 in /syntax/tex.vim) so that they read exe 'syn region '.grpname.' start='."'".'\\begin\s*{\s*'.a:mathzone.'\*\s*}'."'".' end='."'".'\\end\s*{\s*'.a:mathzone.'\*\s*}'."'".' concealends contains=@texMathZoneGroup'.foldcmd

This however doesn't work and the lines aren't concealed. I'd be grateful for any insight.

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