I have a listchars setting in my .vimrc, which shows some characters, but not all. Sometimes I would like to see it differently. I could map two key combos to the two settings and change between them that way, but it would be better if I could toggle between the two with only one combo. How would that be possible?

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Something like this:

let lc1='tab:»-,trail:·,nbsp:×,eol:$'
let lc2='tab:<->,trail:X,nbsp:_,eol:/'

function ChgListchars()
    if &listchars == g:lc1
        let &listchars = g:lc2
        let &listchars = g:lc1

nnoremap <F9> :call ChgListchars()<CR>
  • perfect, thank you!
    – fbence
    May 17, 2020 at 18:40

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