Today I made a macro that involved selecting a few lines to join. The problem was that sometimes I only selected parts of one line and in this case two lines was still joined with J. Is it possible to avoid this?

So with which key combination can I do these two transformations: (< and > indicates selection)

content <of line 1
content of> line 2

Should be joined like this after pressing gJ:

content of line 1content of line2

And this

all <content on> one line

Should stay the same after pressing gJ. For now it joins the current line with the next one which is not what I want.

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    vnoremap gJ :join!<CR>
    – Matt
    May 12 '20 at 5:25
  • @Matt Thanks, if you add that as an answer I can accept it.
    – Moberg
    May 12 '20 at 12:50

As :join[!] command does not really do anything if range has equal start and end values, you can make use of it instead of original J / gJ

xnoremap <silent>J  :join<CR>
xnoremap <silent>gJ :join!<CR>

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