The plugin gnupg (https://github.com/jamessan/vim-gnupg) worked fine until recently where I get the error:

# vim myfile.asc
Error detected while processing BufReadCmd Autocommands for "*.{gpg,asc,pgp}":
E117: Unknown function: gnupg#init

What would be the origin of this error and how can I make gnupg plugin work?

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    check that the plugin is correctly installed Commented May 7, 2020 at 20:41

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E117: Unknown function: gnupg#init

What would be the origin of this error?

Vim is trying to run a function named gnupg#init() that it will look for in a file named autoload/gnupg.vim under directories listed in 'runtimepath'.

Functions with a # in their name are autoloaded.

Looking at the vim-gnupg plug-in source code, it clearly provides this function, so this should work.

and how can I make gnupg plugin work?

Check that your plug-in installation actually includes this file autoload/gnupg.vim and the function gnupg#init() inside it. You might want to consider reinstalling the plug-in to make sure it is.

Check that the plug-in's base directory is listed in 'runtimepath'. That option is typically managed by your plug-in manager, so make sure this plug-in is properly configured with your plug-in manager so that it will properly register it under 'runtimepath'.

Vim might be having some trouble reading or parsing the autoload/gnupg.vim file, check the output of the :messages command inside Vim to see if Vim reported other errors before this one that might point to the root of the issue.

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    Other things: scriptnames (and the scriptease equivalent, Scriptnames) help when tracking down loaded scripts. I find new | put =split(&rtp, ',') to be helpful. P.S. # functions don't have to be autoloaded (I've seen some plugins do this... it irks me, but it's technically fine.)
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Commented May 7, 2020 at 14:16

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