I have a Python project in a subfolder within my git repo:


The virtual environment is installed in the api folder which is a subfolder of my git repo.

In an interpreter, I can import from myproj/foo.py by doing:

from myproj.foo import baz

But in Vim, coc-python reports:

unresolved import myproj.foo

and the autocompletion list includes the parent directory, api!


When I do :CocCommand > python.startREPL I can run the import just fine, without prepending api.

I can't even think about how to debug this problem!

Any pointers?


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CoC assumes that a directory containing .git/ is the root of your project.

According to the CoC docs:

Unlike VSCode vim doesn't have workspace support. The solution is resolve workspace folders from opened files.

This means that CoC uses a list of filenames which, if present in a particular directory, indicate that it might be the project's root.

If the variable is not present, CoC falls back to a config setting called coc.preferences.rootPatterns which, by default is:

[".git", ".hg", ".projections.json"]

To override this behaviour you can set the list to include the name of your virtual environment. In this case:

autocmd FileType python let b:coc_root_patterns = ['.git', '.venv']

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