If I have a <table> element it indents


However, if I do the same thing with a <p> tag, it does not indent:

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Why the difference here? Is there a way I can get it to indent equally after every html/xml tag? (for example, like it does for the table item)?

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    Your second question is addressed here (defining indents for a given tag...there's no "all tags do this" option, though): :h html-indent
    – B Layer
    Apr 29 '20 at 4:13

The authors of the HTML indentation script shipped by Vim seem to have decided not to indent inside tags such as <p> because they are "self-closing" tags, meaning that the closing </p> is optional. I imagine the rationale for that is that, if a </p> was omitted by the user, the indentation wouldn't have been retracted, so each new paragraph would get indented further and further.

See this comment in $VIMRUNTIMES/indent/html.vim:

Self-closing tags and tags that are sometimes self-closing (e.g., <p>) are not here (when encountering </p> we can find the matching <p>, but not the other way around).

Known self-closing tags: p, img, source, area, keygen, track, wbr.

You can override this behavior and extend the list of tags that increment indentation by setting the g:html_indent_inctags to a comma-separated list of additional tags that should require indentation.

In your case:

let g:html_indent_inctags = 'p'

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