Sometimes I enter in characters and my screen shows "Mark not set", and it seems like I have to either press escape or q a bunch of times to get out of that 'mode'. So, related to this:

  • What does 'Mark not set' mean?
  • How is it that I'm normally coming across that (for example, what keys am I probably unknowingly pressing to get there?)
  • Once that happens, what's the quickest way to 'dismiss' that and get back to a normal mode?
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    You might also want to enable :set showcmd in your vimrc. That will show you any pending normal-mode commands (such as ' or ` for marks) in the last line in the screen.
    – filbranden
    Apr 25 '20 at 4:54

The ways to jump to a mark are

  • 'm jump to line of mark m
  • `m jump to line and column of mark m
  • you can technically do :'m, since the range :'m is the line of mark m, and entering a range as an ex command goes to the first line (or last, if one is provided).

More at :help mark-motions

I usually hit <Esc> or <C-c>.

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