I find myself often selecting text and then wanting to go to the start of that selection rather than the end. For example in the following:

enter image description here

If I press esc, it will take me to the end of the selection, but often I find myself wanting to go to the beginning of a visual selection. Is there an easy way to do this?

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    Just o...and this must be a duplicate. – B Layer Apr 24 at 23:55
  • @BLayer how would o work? Doesn't that create a new line below the current one? Oh -- I mean after the text is un-selected, does the visual mode create a marker or something? – David542 Apr 25 at 0:11
  • Yeah, sorry, I went to see if I could find an existing answer...otherwise I would add one here. But I got pulled away for a bit. Seems some eager beaver took care of half those steps. – B Layer Apr 25 at 2:05

You can use the o visual-mode command to jump to the "other" end of the visual selection.

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