I have the annoying issue that I have a .php file with HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I use Vim. But the autoindent is always messed up and only works for one language in the whole file. Is there a vim-plugin which detects what language I am writing (by looking at the <style>, <script>, and <?php tags maybe?) and indent in the right way with the right syntax color and stuff?

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According to Vim syntax documentation, you can define blocks of syntax:

syntax include @PHP syntax/php.vim
syntax include @CSS syntax/css.vim
syntax include @JS syntax/javascript.vim
syntax include @HTML syntax/html.vim
syntax region PHP  start=+<?php+ keepend end=+?>+  contains=@PHP
syntax region CSS  start=+<style>+ keepend end=+</style>+  contains=@PHP
syntax region JS  start=+<script>+ keepend end=+</script>+  contains=@PHP
syntax region HTML  start=+<html>+ keepend end=+</html>+  contains=@PHP

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