There's a very weird thing that occurs when I type a comment that it inserts a newline after a max-width which I don't want to have done. For example: here is me typing it in: https://gyazo.com/7dd2fccd0d988082abf2e6f8a9be945e.

Why does this occur?

The only (hackish) way I was able to disable it is to set :set paste, but hopefully there's a better way to disable this autowrapping?

    "When in normal mode, treat an enter like insert -- as I continue typing this
    line it automatically adds a new line
    :nmap <leader>&  O
    :nmap <CR> i<CR>
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    Please include output of :set formatoptions? comments? textwidth?, the combination of these three should define the behavior of automatically wrapping lines, in particular comment lines.
    – filbranden
    Apr 24 '20 at 1:47
  • @filbranden cool! I never knew you could do :set whatever? and it would tell you what the current setting was. Doing that helped me figure it out -- setting textwidth=0 fixed it for me.
    – David542
    Apr 24 '20 at 2:44
  • But set tw=0 is not necessarily the only or best way to fix this... I tried to reproduce your issue on a *.vim file and while mine wraps the lines, it starts the wrapped line with a comment character... So I was curious why your setup seems to be acting differently...
    – filbranden
    Apr 24 '20 at 3:26

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