I'm using vim 8 and I set a shortcut to open a terminal in my vim.

nnoremap <F5> :wa<CR> \| :term ++kill=term<CR>

It works except that it opens a terminal vertically as below:

|        |some file|
|        |terminal |

What I need is to put the terminal on the right side:

|        |         |        |
|nerdtree|some file|terminal|
|        |         |        |

How can I change the shortcut of <F5> to achieve this?

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    Have a look at the different command modifiers, starting at :h :vertical – Christian Brabandt Apr 23 at 10:21

Use the :vertical and :botright modifiers.

nnoremap <F5> :wa \| vertical botright term ++kill=term<CR>


nnoremap <F5> :wa<CR>:vertical botright term ++kill=term<CR>

(Also note that you need one of <CR> or \|, not both. Your original command ends up executing the Normal mode | motion, which moves the cursor to the first column, followed by a space that moves it to column two.)

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