A few days ago, accidentally, I create a shortcut/keys association and now I can't use the '<>' key within Vim (outside of Vim, the key works just fine). That's a Spanish keyboard from which I can use all the other keys with its respective character/s.

Now, when I press the key, it paste whatever text I have copied/selected.

I've been looking inside :help index, :verbose map, /etc/vimrc and ~/.vimrc for the association and I can't find it.

Where/how should I look for this? Any ideas about how to solve it?

Note: I have no admin rights, I'm using linux Suse at work and my vim is vim72.

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    Welcome to Vi & Vim SE! Let me ask some follow up questions to see if your problem is really related to Vim. Do you have the problem with the '<>' key only inside Vim, or also in the shell in the terminal? If you start Vim with vim -u NONE -N, do you still have the same problem, or does that key work now? – filbranden Apr 20 at 13:10
  • Can you clarify which key is the problem? It's one key that typically produces < and then produces > when used with the Shift modifier? Do you only have trouble with < or also with >? – filbranden Apr 20 at 13:11
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    Have a look at :help unmap and :verbose map. It’s also possible the mapping was saved by a session if you use those. – D. Ben Knoble Apr 20 at 13:34
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    @filbranden Using vim -u NONE -N I have the same problem, the key is just next to "z" and has < in "regular" mode, and > using Shift, and I have troubles with both. – Mike Apr 23 at 18:09
  • @D. Ben Knoble, I took a look to help unmap but couldn't find out how/which to use the commands, I will investigate further, thanks for the idea. – Mike Apr 23 at 18:11

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