NERDTree.txt says:

go.......Open selected file, but leave cursor in the NERDTree......|NERDTree-go|
         Open selected bookmark dir in current NERDTree

But when I typo go in a NERDTree buffer, selected file is opened in the current window, same as o. I expect the file is opened in background buffer, is it right?

I tried to:

  • Disable all other plugins.
  • Remove .vimrc.

I use:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • vim 8.0
  • NERDTree 6.7.7 via vim 8 pack

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Try gs (or gi) and then try go.

This is used to preview the file before opening and accomplishes what you are trying to do. go also does not work for me. But you can also simply map it, if necessary.

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