I have a function that animates the insertion of the contents of the last modified register at the cursor's location as if someone was typing it:

function! AnimateInsertion() abort
    " split contents of last modified reg in individual chars
    let s:line = split(getreg(v:register), '\zs')
    " iterate through each character
    for s:char in s:line
        sleep 100m
        exe 'normal!a' s:char

When I run this function with the text Try me inside the last modified register, the following text gets inserted:

 T r y   m e 

Evidently, there is a problem with the exe 'normal!a' s:char line. Why are the spaces between the letter being inserted? What is the proper way of doing this?

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By default, arguments to :execute are separated with a space. :execute '123' '456' is the same as :execute '123 456'.

To avoid the space, use .:

execute 'normal! a'.s:char

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