I am trying to do a key mapping in vim, yet it doesn't appear to be working how I want it to:

In my ~.vimrc file I have:

syntax on
colorscheme delek
nnoremap < gt
nnoremap > gT

(I only include the first two comments to show that I know my .vimrc is working).

Yet, after I save the file, using < or > does not do anything, though gt and gT are still changing tabs as expected. What is wrong with my character mapping? Or do I need to 'refresh vim' or something, the equivalent of $ source ~/.bash_profile ?

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    Just remember that you’re overriding the > and < operators, which indent and dedent respectively
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Apr 12, 2020 at 14:40

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I can confirm that there is nothing wrong with your mapping, and that you are correct about needing to reload/refresh your configuration for it to actually be available. One way to do so is to restart Vim, but we can do it faster with the :so (short for :source) command and the $MYVIMRC environment variable:


I originally posted this answer to your question on Stack Overflow, but I will post it here as well for those who only browse this site.

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