Having the cursor on a 017 and doing a ctrl-a increases it to 020, when I would have expected 018. Is this a bug (vim 8.0 on Ubuntu 18.04) or why would one want this?

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    Thanks for the tip, I didn't know about ctrl+A and ctrl+X. – Eric Duminil Apr 12 '20 at 12:25

This is vim expecting 017 to be octal and doing the sensible thing for an octal number (017 = 8+7 = 15; 020 = 2*8 = 16).

To tell vim you don't use octal numbers, set nrformats-=octal. More at :help 'nrformats' and :help CTRL-A.

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    Since so many people today think this a mistake, it is worth pointing out that vim follows this editing convention because numerous programming languages also do for their numeric constants.. including C, javascript, perl, ruby, and python2. – Mass Apr 11 '20 at 22:38
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    Also worth noting that defaults.vim disables octal in nrformats, so you'll get that setting correct if you don't have a vimrc file or if you source it explicitly. – filbranden Apr 12 '20 at 5:21
  • @Mass Note that they're trying to deprecate 0-prefixed octal constants in JavaScript. – Mr Lister Apr 12 '20 at 10:38

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