I am very fond of Vim's :terminal, though whenever I use Ctrl-w (expecting to erase the last typed word at prompt), Vim captures the key press and enters pane navigation mode. So I end up having to esc and then perform multiple backspaces. This wastes precious milliseconds of life.

I tried Ctrl-Backspace (default behavior in many GUIs) and also nothing. What could be a workaround?

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    Does this answer your question? How to move the cursor out of the terminal – Mass Apr 3 at 19:58
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    Absolutely not. It is easy to Ctrl-W and get out of terminal. I want the opposite. I want to stay at the terminal and to have the last word erased as this would happen in any other terminal. – fde-capu Apr 3 at 23:11

You can set 'termwinkey' to a sequence other than <C-W> to use a different keystroke to access the special sequences on the terminal.

For example:

set termwinkey=<C-X>


set termwinkey=<F1>

See also :help terminal-typing.

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To send the original keystroke, you can use <C-w>.

That said, I too find it annoying to have to remember.

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    Upvote, because your answer is based on default behavior (does not need any special tweak), which I like. However, I did ask for a workaround. – fde-capu Apr 5 at 2:56

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