I have a bunch of csv files which look sort of like this:


now I would like to search for every line where receiver and client are identical. Can this be done with a regex search?

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So you want to skip the first column (comma delimited) and search for everything, where the second column is the same as the third column.

As a regex this can be written like this:

|  |  |  | |  |   || └ Same match as what was captured
|  |  |  | |  |   |└   Comma 
|  |  |  | |  |   └    End of captured group
|  |  |  | |  └        Any number of non-commas
|  |  |  | └           Capture the following
|  |  |  └             Start the match here
|  |  └                A comma
|  └                   Any number of non-commas
└                      Start of line

You can use :set hls to have a visual indication of what lines match the pattern.

Now if you want to delete those matching lines, you can simply use a :g command, which basically means, do for all lines that match a certain pattern:


Or, if you already have the pattern in the search register (e.g. all matching lines are already colored), you can even simplify this call to:


Which means, delete all the lines that match the last entered search pattern.

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