I wanted to know if it's possible through plugin mechanism to insert another "pane" in the middle of the buffer I'm editing. The ultimate feature that I want is inlining piece code which exists in some other file. A very good example is how brackets code editor lets you edit css from another file within html:

I couldn't find any existing vim plugin to do this, so I thought I'll begin by asking if there are any fundamental (perhaps terminal-GUI level) limitations which could prevent you from doing this


if there are any fundamental (perhaps terminal-GUI level) limitations

Normal windows are always tiled, popup windows are read-only. Hence if you "insert another pane in the middle", then you can't edit it anymore.

Vim is designed with split window / switch buffer paradigm in mind. Just get used to this.

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  • in vim, popup windows are not necessarily read only, but do have limited editing capabilities. In neovim, floating windows are just regular windows, so no issue there. – Mass Mar 31 at 17:40

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