I'm writing code like this:

if (!p){
    return 0; <-- cursor is on this line

And I want to start appending immediately after the code block, like this:

if (!p){
    return 0;
<-- cursor is on this line, in Insert mode

Is there a command for this? Usually I use jo to go down a line and then append a new line, or ]}o if there's more than one line of code inside the brackets, but both of these solutions feel kind of verbose.

  • If you do this a lout you can create a key binding. – elyashiv Mar 7 '15 at 17:24
  • 2
    In this literal example, it seems easiest to me to do }i, which is "go to the end of the paragraph" and "enter insert mode". But in general, I would do ]}o as you mention, because in the midst of coding I often don't mind the (one) extra keystroke if I spend 0 seconds thinking about it. – davidlowryduda Mar 7 '15 at 18:08

Ninja Feet

I made a plugin called ninja-feet.vim that, among other things, defines operators z[ and z] for entering Insert mode before and after a text object, respectively. Like other operators, they take a {motion}.

For your use case, you could use the ip text object: z]ip.


This operator is not repeatable with .; it will simply repeat the insertion at the cursor position.

  • Why not z]a}? – jamessan Mar 8 '15 at 5:23
  • Because a} is a characterwise motion. The operators will work like i / a for characterwise, and o / O for linewise. You could use z]Va} to force a} to be linewise. – tommcdo Mar 8 '15 at 14:13
  • z]ip is one more character than the sequence the OP has already dismissed as being too verbose! Upvoted anyway because your plugin looks nifty. – Rich Mar 10 '15 at 15:28
  • @Rich, lol. That's certainly true in this case. I'll (weakly) defend myself by saying that verbosity can be measured in different ways: keystrokes is one, and number of actions is another. Technically, z]ip is one action whereas ]}o is two. – tommcdo Mar 10 '15 at 15:53
  • Hahaha. Nice save ;). – Rich Mar 10 '15 at 15:55

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