I want to have my .vimrc synced through github so it has to be public file, but at the same time i have to put some sensitive data (for example db passwords/hosts for dbext.vim) in it, without giving them away to others. What is the best way and how to do it?

  • Does your solution have to use public github repos or are private and/or self-hosted repos fine?
    – casey
    Mar 5 '15 at 16:06
  • I'd like to have it in public place, except the small fragments with passwords of course.
    – Kossak
    Mar 5 '15 at 18:16

You can include another file using the source command. Simply put this at the top of your vimrc:

source($MYVIMRC . ".private")

Assuming your vimrc is ~/.vimrc, that will expand to ~/.vimrc.private. From now on, you can define variables in that file like this:

let my_db_password = "bacon"

Then you can simply refer to them by name in your main vimrc.


  • You can call the private vimrc file whatever you want, it can even be in a different directory.
  • If you want to use ~ in the path, you will need to use expand(). For example: source expand("~/.private-vimrc")
  • To concatenate the variable's value with a string, use the . operator. For example: "jdbc:mysql://example.com/waffles?user=admin&password=" . my_db_password

For newer vim versions do not use brackets:

source $MYVIMRC.private

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