I want to make something like this:

let &makerpg = '[ -f Makefile] && make || cd build && [ -f Makefile ] && make || cd ../build && [ -f Makefile ] && make || echo "Error"'

My goal is to make make to work in any place if it is within this kind of tree:


Edit: Actually I already have a pretty similar map:

nnoremap <silent><F4> :wa<bar>cd ../build<bar>make<cr><cr>:cd -<cr>:echo 'Done'<cr>

It's quite simple but obviously it doesn't work if I am in the root of my project.

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    In my plugins, I've taken another approach: I auto-detect, or register, where the actual build directory is (I can change it to switch between compilation modes), and always set makeprg to cd {thebuilddir} && make $* Commented Mar 22, 2020 at 19:09

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If you need to do sh/bash commands, you should run it via sh -c

let &makeprg = 'sh -c "..."'

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