Within some run time files I would like to source a file relative to the $MYVIMRC file. My best efforts have lead me to this (which does not work):

source expand("$MYVIMRC:p:h") . "/vimrc/env.vim")
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    source doesn't work for "strings". :exe "source " . expand("$MYVIMRC:p:h") . "/vimrc/env.vim" might work, but I am not sure.
    – Maxim Kim
    Mar 21 '20 at 10:43

Your best effort:

source expand("$MYVIMRC:p:h") . "/vimrc/env.vim")

has issues:

  1. source command doesn't work with "strings"
  2. even if it worked with strings, you have strange last unbalanced )

You can try using :execute statement with composed source:

:exe "source " . fnamemodify("$MYVIMRC", ":p:h") . "/vimrc/env.vim"

Note that expand("$MYVIMRC:p:h") will not work as expected, but fnamemodify will.

Another option I personally use is:

source <sfile>:h/statusline.vim

where <sfile> when executing a ":source" command, is replaced with the file name of the sourced file.

  • expand("$MYVIMRC:p:h") result in a path ending with the literal ":p:h", so ":exe "source " . expand("$MYVIMRC:p:h") . "/vimrc/env.vim"" does not work Mar 21 '20 at 23:29
  • @run_the_race indeed. fnamemodify would fix this
    – Maxim Kim
    Mar 22 '20 at 7:12

A possible solution:

execute printf('source %s/vimrc/env.vim', fnamemodify($MYVIMRC, ':h'))

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