I'd like to redefine the { and } motions to operate "linewise" when used with the c and d operators.

To be concrete, given the following:

The quick brown
fox j|umps over
the lazy dog

If I press d}, with the default behaviour, I am left with

The quick brown
fox j

But I would prefer to be left with

The quick brown

Similarly, going in the other direction, d{ currently yields

umps over
The lazy dog

And I want

the lazy dog

And of course the equivalent for c.

The desired is consistent with with that of other motions which span multiple lines, e.g. dj, dG, and feels more natural to me.

What is the simplest way of implementing this change?

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I'd like to redefine the { and } motions to operate "linewise"

Motions are typed in the operator-pending mode. The "linewise" :h forced-motion is performed with :h o_V So you have to type dV}, cV} etc.

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