When a vim plugin is developed in a mixed script of vim script and python, can we set breakpoints and debug the python script. I tried to use PDB module, but vim is dead when it go to the pdb.set_trace().

This post -- Writing Vim plugin in Python -- says "You can test and debug it outside Vim with whatever tools you typically use." But when the python script import vim, it cannot run outside Vim.

Note: I'm not asking how I can debug python code in vim like a python IDE. When I google for my question, all I got is to answer this different question. :(

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I find a way myself -- a python module rpdb - remote debugger based on pdb.

It works for me.

  1. Install using pip install rpdb
  2. Set breakpoint with rpdb.set_trace() in plugin python script.
  3. Try to active the plugin in vim. The vim will hang-up.
  4. Use telnet to connect the vim process. telnet localhost 4444. It will be same as pdb to use.

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