Let's say I have my directory/file tree as follows:


I'm working on script.sh and Vim has nothing like firejail to stop it from accessing stuff.

So far, I'm able to, with ctrlp, auto-complete with stuff already in script.sh. However, when I type cat ~/t and use <C-p> (with ctrlp), I want it to auto-complete to cat ~/test.sh or offer that. However, ctrlp alone only seems to access stuff already in script.sh.

How can I make Vim auto-complete with the system file tree? Is there a plugin for that?

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You can use <C-x><C-f> to enter filename completion.

Vim will understand the partial path already typed and offer you suggestions from paths in the filesystem. You can use the usual <C-p> and <C-n> to navigate the completion menu, also <C-f> works the same as <C-n> in this specific menu.

If you pick a directory name, you can use an additional <C-x><C-f> to start completing the next path component, and so on.

You can use <C-y> to accept the current entry and leave completion, or <C-e> to cancel it.

You don't actually need any plug-ins, this is all a built-in feature of Vim.

See :help compl-filename for filename completion in specific, though you might want to have a look at the whole :help ins-completion for a more complete overview of insert mode completion in Vim.

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