I am working on a Chromebook. Mostly I code in an online IDE, which supports Vim mode, but from time to time I need full Vim support. For example, I need it to be able to use macros and filter content through typical Linux commands, e.g. :%!sort | uniq -c | sort -n.

I've searched for extensions that run Vim in Chrome, but looks like there are only extensions that allow navigating the page with Vim shortcuts, not the editor itself. Any suggestions?


If you have a recent enough and powerful enough Chromebook, then you should consider Crostini, which can give you a Linux container running in a lean virtual machine in your Chromebook.

If you have an older Chromebook, you can consider Crouton, which can give you a chroot with a Linux distribution into your Chromebook.

Both approaches will allow you to install a Linux distribution such as Debian or Ubuntu into your Chromebook, which will allow you to have a native Vim package which is able to spawn a shell and run all the standard Linux utilities.

The advantage of the former approach, Crostini, is that you're running on a lean virtual machine that allows you to keep all your Chromebook security features enabled, so you should prefer that approach if it's available for your Chromebook.

The latter, Crouton, requires that you switch your Chromebook to developer mode. There are security implications to switching to developer mode, so make sure you understand them well. The Crouton page and wiki include pointers to information about that, so I'd recommend you start with those.

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    Thanks a lot. I've got Pixelbook and Crostini is supported. – Sergiy Mar 11 '20 at 16:31

Just (yesterday) bought a Lenovo Duet Chromebook to replace my Android tablet. Immediately swithed on the Linux Beta option in the setting menu. Turned out the linux environment comes with Vim (not gvim) preinstalled!


I know that this someone else has already answered, but for those on enterprise enrolled Chromebooks there is a WASM port by Rhysd available here.


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