Typical mark placement using m places the mark at the cursor. When the cursor is on the last character of a line, this means that jumping to that mark for the purpose of copying text starts the copying before the last character of the line.

For instance, if I have the sentence Vim is a great editor. and place a mark with my cursor on the . using ma, then move up some number of lines and hit y`a, I yank those lines plus Vim is a great editor but not the entire sentence.

Is there a way to place a mark after the period so that I can yank the entire line in situations like this?

I realize that if I never add more characters to that particular line, I can use y'a, but sometimes I want to maintain the flexibility to add more characters later.

If this is not possible, are there other features of Vim I can use to accomplish the same thing? For instance, is there some "yank until after cursor" command?

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I found the answer here.

Another easy way is to just add v right after y, no setting or Visual mode selection necessary.


y`b yanks to mark b excluding the character under mark b, whereas yv`b yanks to mark b including the character under it.

See :h o_v for more info.

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