Just like the title says. How do I identify (and goto) a line based on its word count? For example, what if I want to go to the next line containing more than 5 words?


Use regular expressions to match lines containing at least four words (sequences of at least one non-blank character) followed by spaces (sequences of at least one blank character), plus a fifth non-blank character indicating the fifth word.

You can use \S and \s to match non-blanks and blanks. You can use \{4} to match 4 of a pattern. And \+ to match the repeats of non-blanks and blanks.

I recommend using "very magic" regular expressions, which will save you from having to type (even more) backslashes!

To match exactly 5 words on a line:


Matches optional whitespace, followed by 4 repetitions of a word with spaces after it, followed by a fifth word, optional whitespace and the end of the line.

To match at least 5 words on a line:


You can make use of a substring match in that case. As long as you're seeing the 4 sets of spaces in between words, you know there are at least 5 words.

If you want to use a different definition of a word (for example, sequences of \w or \k characters) then use the corresponding opposite (\W or \K) for the separators in between the words.

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    That answers my question. Thanks for your help! – JMW Feb 29 at 0:00

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