I'm checking spelling in a document. I find a misspelled word and intend to press z= to get suggestions, but I accidentally press zg, marking this as a "good" spelling.

How can I undo that?

  • One way is to manually undo the changes to the spelling files and restart vim. But that's tedious. Feb 26, 2020 at 18:09

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From the help

zuw                         *zug* *zuw*
zug         Undo |zw| and |zg|, remove the word from the entry in
            'spellfile'.  Count used as with |zg|.

zuW                         *zuG* *zuW*
zuG         Undo |zW| and |zG|, remove the word from the internal
            word list.  Count used as with |zg|.

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