I have several open buffers and want to open a buffer in :ls in a new tab or window.

I have found a way to do accomplish this, either by first executing tabnew or C-w v and then selecting the buffer using :b<N>.

Can the same be accomplished using a single command?


Create a new window from a buffer: :sb<N>(horizontally) or :vert sb<N>(vertically).

Create a new tab from a buffer: :tab sb<N> or create a new window and then press <C-W>T.

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  • Thank you, this is just what I wanted! – Shuzheng Feb 16 at 16:06

While editing command line a "special" #n (see :h cmdline-special) is replaced with the n-th buffer name. Hence, all of the following work in Vim (:h 42):

:edit #42
:split #42
:tabedit #42

And so on.

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  • Thank you, very useful! – Shuzheng Feb 16 at 16:06

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