Is it possible to setup vim for auto updating on changing of file content?

I think about working with logs that can extend if new event happened.
What I expect is that vim will spot a file change and update the buffer.

To avoid "merge conflicts" I can run in read-only mode and just use vim as a perfect viewer with all search capability and well known user interface

  • You can set autoread but it’s bot quite the same – D. Ben Knoble Feb 13 at 13:52
  • If there is no auto-scrolling it is even better for me. I can always go to new portion of data with 'G' – Adam Mierzwiak Feb 13 at 13:58

Tracking file change automatically is OS-dependent, so by default Vim only checks file timestamps (:checktime) on focus gain (works in GUI) and after executing shell commands. But you can force it any moment using a bit of scripting.

For example, check by timer:

function! PollBuffer(bufnr, msec)
    " make sure autoread is on, so Vim won't ask any questions
    call setbufvar(a:bufnr, '&autoread', 1)
    " check timestamp by timer event
    return timer_start(a:msec, {_ -> execute(a:bufnr..'checktime')}, {'repeat': -1})

let timerID = PollBuffer(bufnr('foobar.txt'), 5000)
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  • I use vim on Ubuntu or WSL Ubuntu in BASH console In this function is fixed foobar.txt filename. Is there any variable/pointer to currently opened file that I can put in this place? – Adam Mierzwiak Feb 13 at 14:30
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    @AdamMierzwiak for example, expand('%'). – D. Ben Knoble Feb 13 at 14:47
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    @AdamMierzwiak Simply bufnr() without argument – Matt Feb 13 at 15:39

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