Well, I have had these cases before. I sometimes did unmap, but I don't want to do this for every case.

I define

nnoremap <nowait> <leader>h :wincmd h<CR>

But it does wait for me typing longer normal commands after the \h. Is it because they are defined afterwards?

map \h returns the following:

n  \hp          @<Plug>(GitGutterPreviewHunk)
n  \hu          @<Plug>(GitGutterUndoHunk)
n  \hs          @<Plug>(GitGutterStageHunk)
x  \hs          @<Plug>(GitGutterStageHunk)
n  \h          * :wincmd h<CR>

What is the meaning of the * btw?


<nowait> is intended for cases where a global mapping \hs (for example) exists and you would like to create a buffer-local mapping \h (for example).

I suppose then the following would work:

autocmd FileType * nnoremap <nowait> <buffer> <leader>h :wincmd h<CR>

In :map, * means created with nnoremap etc, i.e., "not re-mappable."


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