I have a weird problem with VIM, both at work and at home (2 different computers): When I open a text in VIM, sometimes it is displaying it correctly, sometime not (I'd say 1 every 3 it works fine, others not, it's random) enter image description here

enter image description here

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    Does :set ft? say filetype=julia in both cases? Does :version confirm it's the same version of the editor? How about :syntax, does it list a bunch of julia* syntax groups? See if setting filetype manually again fixes it, with :set ft=julia.
    – filbranden
    Jan 17 '20 at 6:53
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    looks like syntax sync issue. Can you press Ctrl-L once it happens next time? Then scroll screen down and press again? Also what syntax do you use? I couldn't find julia in bundled files.
    – Maxim Kim
    Jan 17 '20 at 17:17
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    :syntax sync fromstart is usually a good fix
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Jan 17 '20 at 20:30
  • Thank you so much for your replies. Ctrl-L at the top of the file (not at the bottom) worked.
    – Alexis
    Jan 18 '20 at 4:28

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