Is there a "good" way to rename the terminal buffer in neovim?

I know that renaming is possible with the :file command, and that works fine for current session.

The problem with this approach is that it breaks :mksession. If you change the terminal window name with :file and save the session, upon restore it will no longer create a terminal window, but a regular file buffer instead.

I want to avoid this.


From :h terminal-start:

When the terminal starts, the buffer contents are updated and the buffer is named in the form of term://{cwd}//{pid}:{cmd}. This naming scheme is used by |:mksession| to restore a terminal buffer (by restarting the {cmd}).

Therefore you can not do this, unless you manually "swap" buffer names before :mksession and on autocmd SessionLoadPost. But I don't believe such oversophisticated scheme is worth.

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