I'm editing an HTML file, and my cursor is inside a tag, like this:

<textarea class="code-area"></textarea>

And I'm trying to wrap all of this tag inside a div tag, so that it'd be like this:

    <textarea class="code-area"></textarea>

I can use vim-surround and type yss<div>, but it'll change it into this:

  <div><textarea id="code-area"></textarea></div>

How can I wrap it so that it adds newlines as well?

Also, the yss<div> command only wraps the current line. I'm interested in wrapping an entire tag, no matter how many lines it has.

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    Does ySat<div> fit? – Matt Dec 24 '19 at 7:49
  • @Matt Yes, it does. Thank you. – Amir A. Shabani Dec 24 '19 at 7:52

In vim-surround ys{motion} puts "a surround text" on the same line. To place it on a line of its own with indent you should use yS{motion} instead.

Next, a motion you want for this case is :h at (a tag). So this results in ySat<div>

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