Is there a list of keys which aren't mapped by default in vim?


Free Keys

Normal Mode

  • <C-K>
  • <C-_> (Same as <C-/>)
  • <C-[> (Same as <Esc>)
  • <C-@> (Same as <C-Space>)

Visual Mode

  • <C-T>
  • <C-K>
  • <C-@> (Same as <C-Space>)
  • <C-O>
  • Q
  • Z
  • .
  • <C-R>
  • <C-_> (Same as <C-/>)
  • <C-^>
  • &
  • <C-I> (This is the <Tab> key)

Insert Mode

  • <C-_> (Same as <C-/>)
  • <C-Z> (Unless insertmode is set)
  • <C-B

Command-line Mode

  • <C-@> (Same as <C-Space>)
  • <C-O>
  • <C-Z>
  • <C-_> (Only active in default vim if allowrevins is set, for right-to-left languages)
  • <C-X>

All Modes

  • All function keys
  • All ALT key combinations
  • <C-S>

Used source: https://vim.fandom.com/wiki/Unused_keys

This link points to a page listing unused keys in vim.

This page also lists keys that are synonyms of other keys in terms of functionality, meaning that these keys can be safely remapped.

  • This answer doesn't mention alt/shift keys.
    – ideasman42
    Dec 4 '19 at 5:24

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