I want to design my own vim color scheme, so I'm starting with an existing color scheme that I think is pretty good, and fixing the parts I don't like.

The color scheme definition contains many syntax tags, a lot of which aren't totally clear. The task would be much easier if I could ask Vim:

Which syntax rule is determining the color of the character under my cursor?

Is there a way to do it?

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There are plenty. One is my own plugin, the code of which is straightforward:

" Show the highlight groups under the cursor
" Maintainer:       David Ben Knoble <[email protected]>
" Last Change:      2018 May 11

if !has("syntax") || &compatible
  echohl ErrorMsg
  echomsg "vim-synstax requires the +syntax features"
  echohl None

function! synstax#UnderCursor() abort
  let l:stack = synstax#Stack(line('.'), col('.'))
  if empty(l:stack)
    return "No syntax highlight groups under cursor"
  let l:names = synstax#Attributes(l:stack, 'name')
  return l:names

function! synstax#Stack(line, col) abort
  return synstack(a:line, a:col)

function! synstax#Attributes(stack, attr) abort
  let l:attr_func = printf('synIDattr(v:val, "%s")', a:attr)
  return map(a:stack, l:attr_func)

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