For example, Ctrl-v_Ctrl-w gives ^[[27;5;119~ instead of usual ^W.

It does behave in such way only on (u)xterm. I've tested it on st, lxterminal, xfce4-terminal and rxvt. I'm also 98% positive that it works fine on konsole and gnome-terminal (based on this post).

Furthermore, xterm on Ubuntu doesn't have issues. Only on Arch.

Outside Vim everything also is normal (i.e. ^W). Neovim doesn't have such problem either.

Does anybody knows what could cause such behavior?


  • Distro: Arch Linux
  • Kernel: Linux alpha 5.3.12-arch1-1
  • xterm: 351 (but also occurs on 348)
  • Vim: 8.1.2268-2 (and 8.1.2337-1)

Related problem

While it's highly unrelated (vim -u NONE also doesn't work properly), but my configs:

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set t_TE= t_TI=

This in vimrc disables modifyOtherKeys (:h modifyOtherKeys), which was causing the problems

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    you actually want :set t_TI= t_TE= Nov 25, 2019 at 15:34
  • @christian-brabandt You are absolutely right. I've made a typo. Already corrected. Thanks
    – user25807
    Nov 25, 2019 at 22:29

As of patch 8.1.2350, Ctrl-V will emit again the translated key, even if modifyOtherKeys has been set. To get the raw escape sequence, you can instead use now Ctrl-Shift-V

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