I have a little function I'm trying to fix. I'd like to change my terminal Vim window size using the ASCII escape sequence \e[8;40;130t so that my writing window size stays the same when I use a plugin like Tagbar.

The command printf '\e[8;40;130t' works within the terminal (iTerm2 with Disable session-initiated window resizing unchecked in the profile preference). But the same command, issued through Vim using exec system("printf '\e[8;40;130t'") doesn't work.

Here's the full function:

" 'F8' toggle Tagbar side-window tag browser
let g:is_tagbar=0
function AdjustWindowWidth()

    exec 'TagbarToggle'

    if (g:is_tagbar==0)
      let g:is_tagbar=1
      call system("printf '\e[8;40;130t'")
      let g:is_tagbar=0
      call system("printf '\e[8;40;100t'")

noremap <F8> :exec AdjustWindowWidth()<CR>

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix the issue?


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